1. 6 specialised cleaning ingredients breakdown dirt and contaminants and a surface-protecting lubricant allows the particles to be wiped-off without scratching.
  2. Carnauba wax enhances shine and protects against weather and pollutants. Carnauba is acknowledged as the finest natural car-care wax available and is available in various grades. We use ‘yellow’ which is considered the best.
  3. Nano polymers create an anti-static finish that efficiently repels water and reduces dust build-up.
  4. Kaolin Clay removes removes contamination from glass.
  5. All ingredients are biodegradable, non-hazardous and VOC compliant.


  • Fast, easy and no mess
  • Safely removes dirt and contaminants without using water
  • Natural carnauba wax enhances colour, shine and protects
  • Nano polymers create a ‘slick’ anti-static finish
  • Kaolin clay improves glass finish
  • Use on paintwork, chrome, glass, plastics, trim, wheels etc.
  • Economical – 500ml cleans up to 6 cars / 5 Litres up to 60 cars
  • Environmentally-friendly
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Clean, shine and protect your car in one application (you’ll need 2 microfibre cloths for cleaning and buffing).

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