Waterless Car Wash

Delivers the cleaning ability of water and shampoo with a concentrated blend of cleaning agents, surfactants and lubricants that breakdown dirt, grime and contaminants and protect the surface from scratching.

Protection & Shine

Each time you clean your car you’ll also be adding a layer of carnauba wax that enhances shine, protects surfaces and accelerates water beading. Protection will last up to 4 weeks or up to 8 weeks if you use Ultimate (Ultimate also contains polymers that bond with the carnauba to create an anti-static finish that reduces dirt and dust sticking to the surface).

Quick & Convenient

Most cars can be cleaned in 15-30 minutes. Start with the roof and work down using a spray-wipe-buff action. We recommend using two microfibre cloths designed for car-care (these have a thicker weave than cheaper cloths).
1. Spray onto surface2. Wipe-off using a microfibre cloth3. Buff light haze to shine


500ml will clean up to 6 cars or 5 Litres up to 60 cars. Use on paintwork, chrome, glass, plastics, rubber, trim and wheels. Also great for bikes, caravans and most other types of vehicle.


We don’t use silicones or any hazardous ingredients and unlike a wet-wash, wash residue and effluents won’t come into contact with the ground or drainage system.

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